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Without question, Barbados is the "most British" island in the Caribbean. Afternoon tea is a ritual, cricket is the national pastime (a passion, most admit), and dressing for dinner is a firmly entrenched tradition. And yet, Barbados is hardly stuffy, this is still the Caribbean, after all.

Rather, Barbados is a sophisticated tropical island with sun, two seas, an indescribable richness of color, beach resorts from humble to extraordinary, exotic nightlife, wild surf on the quiet east coast and a proud and welcoming populace.

There are many wonderful things to do in Barbados – including spotting green monkeys at Barbados Wildlife Reserve, swimming with friendly sea turtles, whizzing over a tropical forest on a zipline, and exploring the underground caverns, streams and waterfalls.

For the rum enthusiasts, the Mount Gay Visitor Center welcomes guests from around the world, inviting them to discover the secrets being Barbados' finest and most celebrated spirit.

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